Meet some damage to the electric motor rotor suffers

If the electric motor to rotate under load by emitting a sound that has varying intensity and whose frequency of this electric motor increases as the load increases, for which reason in most cases will be an unsymmetrical rotor winding.

If the electric motor has a rotor cage cause almost always occur with interruption in one or more bars comprising the electric motor, but must be noted simultaneously, they may be detected periodic variations of the stator current.

This problem is common in the electric motor p2b ip 211l having aluminum cages are fused in-mold or pressure and interruption on either bar are revealed by both the heating of the rotor core site and features stain blue in color in the points that appear the problem.

In case of interruption in several bars that are juxtaposed, the electric motor can provide vibrations with shudders as behave well because of unbalances and are confused as such.

Electric motor shall be secured

The electric motor has no feet must have transportation devices and these devices must be removed before initiating the electric motor of the installation process.

The electric motor then should be supported at its base, but should be aligned and leveled in order that the electric motor does not suffer from excessive vibrations and efforts both in the electric motor shaft and bearings.

Ideally, the electric motor mounting screw has a free threaded length of 1.5 times the screw diameter. In severe applications, it can be used a screw a little higher so that the electric motor is tight.

The electric motor flange must always be supported at the base and rely on dimensional fitting that is suitable with the electric motor flange size, as well the setting will be performed by the electric motor to its base.

Universal electric motor is widely used in small appliances

The electric motor of the asynchronous type, is also called induction motors, as they are the most widespread and used in engineering applications, it is an electric motor model that is simple to use, is versatile and has a low cost.

This electric motor model has a speed which is variable, due to the mechanical load value that requires this type of electric motor. Asynchronous single-phase electric motor and typically used when a power is needed to reach the 5 HP.

Since, when the power is higher in electric motor, three phase electric motor that is to be used, even if the electric motor of the latter type and even with lower power than 5HP.

The universal electric motor is powered by alternating current or direct current, even if economically feasible for engines that have small powers and so is used in appliances that are small.

Proper maintenance of the electric motor

Electric motors are very important machines for various sectors, especially industrial. She is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, but for it to work perfectly it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. mro ac motors explosion proof

The maintenance of the electric motor should occur periodically. Most companies hire service technician to solve most of the problems that appear, but the right thing to do is to give maintenance to prevent these problems arose. The engines will go through significant changes over the years because there are many studies on this machine being made.

There are several procedures that can be performed during maintenance, among them we have the regulation of clearance, proper engine lubrication and verification of alignments. These are just some of the recommended activities for those interested in doing a maintenance on the electric motor so that it does not stop working.

Know what can cause a short in the output slot or inside the electric motor slot

Burning is a common problem facing and dryers, flat irons, blenders, mixers and other appliances that need an electric motor to operate. When the electric motor burning appliance, it is essential that the problem be identified and eliminated, because then the problem will be solved and the electric motor will not be out of operation again.

The electric motor may present the problem of short exit slot or short within the slot. This problem can occur for: contamination of the interior of the electric motor ECP4106T. Degradation of the insulating material and the result is excess temperature; failure enamel that insulates the wire; failure insulating material; failure of varnish that makes impregnation or even the rapid fluctuations in the electric motor power supply.

Short in connection is also a very common problem in the electric motor and the causes can be: contamination of the inside of the electric motor; overheating of the connection due to bad contact and failure of the insulating material.

Offer electric motor

To find good deals of electric motors, be sure to make me a good research and comparison values, the only way for you to find the best prices. Today there are several stores that offer these products work, then it will not be hard to find one that you really needed.

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physical and virtual stores sell electric motors with prices that vary according to the characteristics. First, you need to define what the product you are thinking of buying, From there it becomes easier to filter the values and offers according to what you are seeking.

The more expensive motors are more complex ones, that is, the models of AC motors. Meanwhile, more affordable models are those that are simple monophasic. You do not even have to leave home to have knowledge about the values that have to be paid over the Internet is possible to access this information easily.